16 streets in Mississauga where you can get caught speeding


Published May 2, 2022 at 1:25 pm

photo radar Mississauga

There are currently 16 places in Mississauga where photo radar, or Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras, are currently set up to catch speeders.

The cameras operate on a rotational basis throughout the city to catch those who are going beyond the speed limit, especially in school zones.

Although it could seem that giving out the location is revealing a policing secret, the goal of the program is to get drivers to slow down, not to catch them, although the fines that are handed out have been generating income for City of Mississauga coffers.

City officials introduced the program last year because it is believed speeding is a problem in Mississauga. The cameras are placed in several locations, but not all of them are operational. It is hoped the cameras act as a deterrent to get drivers to slow down.

The ASE works when a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit and activates the camera. The picture is reviewed and then a ticket is mailed out to the offender.

Current ASE camera locations:

  • Camilla Rd. (between Queensway and Cherry Post Dr.)
  • Ceremonial Dr. (between Chagall Ct. and Bristol Rd W.)
  • Cliff Rd. (between Rudar Rd. and Abruz Blvd.)
  • Copenhagen Rd. (between Bendigo Ct. and Tamar Rd.)
  • Garthwood Rd. (Colonial Dr. to Clayton Rd.)
  • Gooderham Estate Blvd. (Old Derry Rd. to Silverthorn Mill Ave.)
  • Lewisham Dr. (between Fontwell Cres. and Truscott Dr.)
  • Mississauga Valley Blvd. (between Central Pkwy. and Hyacinthe Blvd.)
  • Ponytrail Dr. (between Fieldgate Dr. and Silverplains Dr.)
  • Runningbrook Dr. (between Autumn Harvest Dr. and Riverspray Cres.)
  • Shelter Bay Rd. (between Branshaw Gt. and Glen Erin Dr.)
  • Sherwood Mills Blvd. (between Brockworth Dr. and Fallingbrook Dr.)
  • Silver Creek Blvd. (between Mississauga Valley Blvd. and Gwendale Cres.)
  • Swinbourne Dr. (between Bancroft Dr. and Douguy Blvd.)
  • Terragar Blvd. (between Rosehurst Dr. and Black Walnut Tr.)
  • Queenston Dr. (between Ashcroft Cres. and Fellmore Dr.)
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