108 break and enters over 30 days in Mississauga and Brampton


Published July 9, 2023 at 2:29 pm

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Police have responded to over a hundred break-and-enters across Mississauga and Brampton in the last 30 days.

According to Peel Regional Police data, there were a total of 108 break-and-enter cases beginning from Jun. 7 to Jul. 8.

This report also shows that in comparison to May (2023) there have been 66 fewer incidents of this kind.

This could mean the region is seeing a small, but nonetheless, a decline in break-and-enters.

Both cities saw their fair share of crimes related to break-ins this past month, with 59 of these incidents happening in Mississauga and the other 49 in Brampton.

The map below shows where these incidents took place:

The data also further highlights that the following places were targeted: 31 houses, four apartments, five residential garages or sheds, 11 stores, six restaurants, two construction sites, one school, one gas station, one office, 10 were simply listed as “other” and 36 were “unidentified” businesses.

The top 3 common hotspots for these break and enter incidents to occur are:

  • Heritage Hills Blvd
  • Lakeshore Rd
  • Queen St

As of July. 8, with the investigations into the majority of these break and enters (87) are still ongoing. Thirteen are considered solved, and 8 is listed as unsolved.

However it seems that crimes of this nature are becoming more problematic as the number of break-ins this month are much higher than this same time last year (2022).

On Jun. 7– July. 8 (2022) there were reportedly only 10 break and enter cases which is 91% less than what those numbers are today (July 2023).

Peel police say some properties are more likely to be targeted than others such as corner lots, homes that back onto parks and other open spaces, and homes that do not appear to be maintained or “lived in.”

“Residential break-ins are typically crimes of opportunity,” police say. “Burglars target certain property based on characteristics that will increase their chances of breaking-in without getting caught.”

Although there may never been a month without incidents related to break and enters, the good news is there are safety measures community members can take to protect themselves and their families.

Residents are advised by Peel police to following these tips:

Ensure that shrubs and hedges around the property are maintained to have clear lines of sight to all accessible windows and doors.
Keep garage and screen doors locked, even while at home.
Get to know the neighbours and join forces by looking out for each other’s properties.
Consider installing a second locking device for windows and any sliding doors.

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