100,000 businesses are operating in Mississauga, mayor says


Published April 20, 2023 at 12:33 pm


Mississauga recently hit a significant economic milestone as it officially became home to more than 100,000 businesses.

Mayor Bonnie Crombie trumpeted the accomplishment earlier in the week during her State of the City address at a Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) event and boasted of the figures again on Wednesday at City council.

In telling the MBOT gathering that the state of Mississauga “remains stronger than ever,” Crombie pointed out that “we hit a monumental milestone” over the past year.

“We are officially home to more than 100,000 businesses, and growing,” the mayor told some 600 or so members of the Mississauga business community in attendance. “That is an impressive number. We really punch above our weight. We are the fifth fastest-growing hub for new investment in the country, despite being the seventh-largest city. Like I said, punching above our weight.

“Mississauga continues to be ranked year over year over year as one of the best places to live and do business in the country,” Crombie continued. “We are an economic powerhouse for the province and home to the second-largest economy in Ontario.”

(Source: City of Mississauga 2021 Employment Profile/Employment Data)

The economic milestone was mentioned again at Wednesday’s City council meeting, where MBOT president and CEO Trevor McPherson was one of nearly two dozen members of the public to deliver deputations concerning the retail cannabis shop issue.

In a preamble to remarks from McPherson, Crombie noted that Mississauga had hit the 100,000 mark in number of businesses.

“About 90 per cent of them are very small, Mom-and-Pop shops or sole proprietors,” noted Crombie. “We used to be at the 96,000 (mark), but we’ve increased…due to the great work our Economic Development Department and the board of trade are doing attracting new business here.”

McPherson said MBOT represents nearly 1,000 larger Mississauga businesses.

City of Mississauga numbers show there were 22,453 operating businesses in the city in 2021, excluding home-based businesses.

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