10 Things Every Mississauga Teen Has (Probably) Experienced

Published August 11, 2016 at 5:35 pm


Being a teen is never easy. Whether you’re currently an adolescent or in your 20s, or reminiscing about your past days when life was easy-breezy, here are a couple of scenarios or activities you have most likely experienced or participated in while living in Mississauga!

1. House Party Hopping

House parties are a high-schooler’s main source of weekend entertainment. This is because Mississauga has a ton of smaller high schools that are close in proximity. More often than not, the party you’re attending is hosted by a friend of a friend who goes to a different school than you… but hey, great way to meet people!

2. Watching a Scary Movie at the Coliseum in a Group 

Early Sauga teens unite! If you’re like me and not really into scary movies, it’s always better to be accompanied by five of your brave friends drinking slushies while you take up an entire row of seats.

3. Being the Cooler Older Kids while Visiting your Elementary School

The best feeling in grade nine, when you’re the small fish in the big pond in high school, is going back to visit your favorite elementary school teachers and feeling superior to all the young kids and pre-teens you left behind during your journey of adolescence.

4. Going to Playdium 

Go-karting? Arcade games? Playing ticket games to win prizes for your crush? This place isn’t for kids, it’s for everyone!      

5. Meeting your Friends at Square One to Literally ‘Hang Out’.

Hanging out on the benches watching people shop while you eat your Mrs. Field’s cookie never gets old, right?

6. Trying to Alter your Uniform to make it Less Lame.

Sadly, this is only a problem for the Catholic high school/ private school teens because the public high schoolers get to wear whatever they want (jealous).

Teens in despair of personal style will try anything to alter their uniform and not get caught (even though it never worked). Black Nike Airs, black Converse, TNA grey pants instead of dress pants, kilt alterations, you name it.

7. You Have (or know someone) Who Hangs Out in the Tim Hortons Parking Lot. 

I’ve only done this a couple of times but witnessed it 100 times over. Are iced Cappuccinos really that irresistible?

8. Getting an Edgy Piercing at Xtremities or Pleasure and Pain 

Oh the rebellious piercing phase of your adolescent years. From cartilage piercings to eyebrows, edgy piercings are always desired. When I was 17 I got my belly button double pierced at Xtremities. Why? Because my teenage mind said it was cool. I still have the scars to prove it.

9. All Ages Clubbing  

These were all the rage in my teen days. Whether you and your friends are getting a ride to the GO Train to attend one in Toronto, or are enjoying an all ages night at a club in Sauga, it’s a must do! If the thought of clubbing makes you cringe, it’s a good preview to see whether or not you will hate clubbing in your 20s.

10. Go to a Shisha Lounge with Friends (Haze 

You’re all not old enough to go to a 19+ club (one more year, 18 year olds), but you can smoke some shisha! Shisha bars in Mississauga have come and gone, however, the popular Haze is a great addition. You and your pals can come in before 6 p.m., eat, hangout and play board games!

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