10 Reasons Hot Yoga is All You Need!

Published February 18, 2012 at 2:50 pm


10 reasons why Hot Power Yoga is the only exercise you’ll need:

Power yoga is filled with body busting, fat blasting moves to tighten and tone every muscle group; specifically targeting your core, arms and thighs!!  It is a complete workout with a mixture of stretching, cardio endurance and long holds. If you are bored of your usual workout routine, your body probably is too. This means that no matter how many times you run your scheduled hour on the treadmill, or how many times you do your repetitions on your dedicated arm and leg machines at the gym, you will not see any dramatic results. So why not try something different!?!? POWER YOGA is the answer to keep your body guessing! Planks, lunges, squats (all of which top the hot list of every single “Beach Body Ready” workout routine ever published) are the main focus of a high impact power class. 

Yoga is filled with inspirational sayings, quotes and motivational speeches for encouragement to not only push you through “the fire” of intense poses, but to also to give your mind some food for thought. Yoga is not only a physical workout, but with the right instructor, it can be an amazing mental exercise too. 

Many people fear that this spiritual element will be too much – too much “hippie” babble. But this is definitely not the case! In power yoga, the “nuggets” given are just little sayings to inspire and motivate you to try new things and to open up your greatest potential. I assure you, that not only will you leave the class feeling inspired, strong and powerful, but you will also feel a great sense of accomplishment.

The heat will make you feel like you are on vacation (just close your eyes, maybe you can even imagine the sand between your toes!). Especially in the dead of winter, treat yourself to a healthy dose of a hot yoga class and skip the tanning studio to feel a taste of that summer warmth!

Twists, back bends, and forward folds all work to stimulate the digestive system, which, in turn, helps your body to function. Your organs need space; they expand and contract (in mechanical digestion) to turn and process food. Many of us are trapped at our desk jobs for hours at a time, and therefore, by practicing yoga and flowing through the postures, your muscles are encouraged to stretch, open up and relax from your long day of sitting. By loosening the grip of the “clenching muscles” surrounding your internal organs, your body will be able to keep the process moving from start to finish.

5. FRIENDS…and maybe potential new boyfriend/girlfriend?
When you are struggling to find the energy to make it to yoga, just make a plan to meet up with a friend at the studio and then go for a hot cup of green tea afterwards.

Single? Perhaps you can find your next boyfriend/girlfriend by smiling at a stranger in downdog. Yoga, by its very nature, attracts plenty of fit, pretty young women to participate, but the Power classes also attract many young men to practice this “more masculine” style of yoga. 

Hot yoga will clear your skin! Sweating is, naturally, a very cleansing way to detox the body through the removal of wastes and toxins. Alcohol, pesticides and other chemicals found in our food can be expelled through our sweat, leaving our skin softer, more radiant and glowing!

Make sure to thoroughly clean your yoga mat after each sweat session to ensure that your skin stays clean and clear! (Hot water and lemon juice make for a simple, effective mat cleaner).

Ladies, let’s face it, working out at the gym with dumbbells to try to tone you arms will leave you with bulky biceps. Yoga is a great way to build long, lean muscles for a sexy feminine look. Strapless dresses will be your new best friend! Chaturanga  (low push up) is an excellent pose to target those pesky underarm “wings” as well as strengthening your biceps and triceps.

Another great thing about power yoga is that you really don’t need very much equipment or special clothes and/or footwear to do it. Essentially, all you need is a mat (although getting fun new Lululemon apparel can enhance the cute-factor, it is totally not necessary!). Anyone and everyone can do a yoga class. Prices for a drop-in session range, on average, from $15- $20.

Remember, the instructor simply acts as a guide. Whether you are seeking a super high intensity class or looking for a more restorative flow, all you need to do is take the class at your own pace. Find your own rhythm! Regardless to how exhausted or how energetic you’re feeling, there are always modifications to either make the class more challenging or more relaxing. Take a rest when you need one, but be sure to push yourself to open up to possibility. Don’t let your mind get in the way of what your body can do! You will ALWAYS gain something from coming to your mat. 

Hot power yoga will really get your heart pumping! In the power series, the vinyasas (flowing from one posture to the next) are faster and the energy is high. The flows (Sun Salutations) are comparable to interval training. You will learn to breathe deeper and by doing so, gain greater lung capacity.  You are moving quickly, you are sweating, and your heart is pounding. There is little time to get bored and zone out in this workout! Vinyasas will give your mind the challenge you need while providing  your body the workout it craves.

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