Table Tennis Heaven - My Table Tennis Club

After a 33-year break from Table Tennis I accidentally fell back into playing again.

I soon discovered a local club in Mississauga Ontario close to where I lived. After a few visits the Table Tennis bug hit and I wanted more. I visited most of the clubs in the Torontoarea and eventually settled in at My Table Tennis club in Markham Ontario.

Although it was a 45-minute drive from home my desire to play always took over. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the overall quality compared to other clubs. Over time I got to know Rays Chiu and his wife Claren Tang, their passion and devotion to Table Tennis was very apparent and inspired an old dream from my first year in Canada.

I had emigrated from England to Canada in 1976; at the time I lived, ate and slept Table Tennis. 

Unfortunately Table Tennis in Toronto did not offer the number of clubs, coaching programs and competition as London. I soon realized that Rays and I shared a passion for a Grand club that would meet the International standards required to bring higher level Table Tennis toToronto. 

He had emigrated from Hong Kong and was passionate about Table Tennis from a young age.

After viewing many properties we settled on our current facility, a 18,000 sq foot space located in Mississauga by Haines Road. We opened the doors on July 4th 2012 with eight tables in play, from July to October we completely stripped the interior and redesigned and renovated the space to its present state.

On October 16th 2012 we had our Grand Opening, we were fortunate to have six Chinese Olympic medallists to help with the ceremonies and some exhibition play.

Today we have 14 playing courts 40 feet x 15 feet, a self-enclosed training area of 2,000 sq feet, including a robot training area. We offer professional coaching, adult and junior Training Camps on a daily and weekly schedule.

The club has hosted a number of high-level Provincial, National, ITTF Sanctioned Continental Tournaments and a recent Friendly Match against a Top Chinese Provincial Team, a testament to the quality of the facility.

The club features a full service snack bar, contracted catering services, pro shop and rental equipment, mezzanine for VIP members, guests and media services as well as corporate and private parties are easily accommodated.

Special features include:

  • Open seven Days a week, 10am to 10.30pm
  • Playing courts 40 feet x 15 feet, barriers on all sides, Multi-ball accepted.
  • Court size allows for practice at and away from the table for all types and levels of players
  • Professional Tinsue floor throughout the playing and training areas
  • Energy saving T5 Fluorescent Lighting using blue daylight bulbs.
  • 680 candles for day to day use, 1260 candles for tournament play
  • ITTF approved competition Stag tables
  • Spectator seating capacity minimum 300, maximum 600
  • Video and media services available, live streaming and wi-fi service
  • On-site parking for 100 vehicles
  • Close to major hotels and Toronto Pearson Airport (20 minutes )

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