Mississauga's Top 5 Chicken Wing Spots

Over the years the Mississauga food landscape has changed a lot and chicken wing joints are no different. We have searched high and low in 2014 and have been to dozens of bars and restaurants to give you the top 5 chicken wings spots in Mississauga.

1 - Wingporium

Port Credit’s Wingporium might be one of the best chicken wings joints I’ve experienced. This is Wing Emporium’s second location, with the first being in Etobicoke. This joint isn’t too big and boasts TVs mounted everywhere and a patio that looks like it would double capacity if it was open. The wings were breaded and cooked to perfection and the sauces were all made in house. The flavours are sectioned off into dry, mild, medium, hot and suicide, so I had one from each section. Crazier diners can try the Scorpion Kiss and Black Mamba (which the restaurant actually advises pregnant women to avoid).  I had the Dry Roasted Rub, Big Boy Cool Toys, Interview with a Vampire, Bubba’s Backfire and Chipotle. The winner is Interview with a Vampire! It must be fun naming these flavours! 

Dry Wing Taste: 5/5
Size of Wings: 4/5
Wing Flavours: 5/5 (House made)
The Atmosphere: 4/5

Wing Deal: Buy any drink Monday and get ½ pound free
1 pound:  $10
Fav Flavour: Interview with a Vampire

2 - All Star Wings and Ribs

Located in Meadowvale off of Millcreek and Erin Mills Pkwy is the seventh All Star Wings and Ribs location. This place is pretty cool for the sports enthusiast, as they have TVs right inside the booths that diners can operate themselves. This place also is known for having 200 flavours to choose from, most of which are made in house. I asked our very cute server to choose for me and she did just that. She ended up bringing me Pandora’s Box, Cleopatra, Caesars does Texas, God of Thunder and Desperado. Desperado absolutely killed me with heat and my upper lip instantly started sweating and I had to down two cups of water. Not a big fan. My favourite was Cleopatra, which was a mix of honey garlic and a white garlic-esque sauce.

Dry Wing Taste: 4/5
Size of Wings: 4/5
Wing Flavours: 5/5
The Atmosphere: 4/5

Wing Deal: Monday 15 wings for the price of 10
1 pound: $10.95
Fav Flavour: Cleopatra

3 - Wacky Wings

Located in one of the hardest plazas to find in Mississauga on Dundas near Dixie is Wacky Wings. This place is the like a Chucke Cheez for adults, minus the screaming kids (but add shouting adults). Wacky Wings has seven locations across Ontario, including one as far as Timmins. There are video games, pool tables and TVs everywhere. It’s a great place to watch sports with your buddies, as it’s huge. You can actually order 1000 wings for the low price of $849.99, so I assume a lot of sports teams come through the doors. The five flavours I had were marked as some of  the “TOP PICKS” and included New Orleans, Caribbean Jerk, Dr. Pepper BBQ, Rickard’s Red Apple Butter Mesquite and Spicy Garlic. The winner was Dr. Pepper BBQ!

Khaled from insauga.com tries a ghost pepper hot sauce courtesy of
Wacky Wings on insauga.com TV LIVE.

Dry Wing Taste: 4/5
Size of Wings: 4/5
Wing Flavours: 4/5
The Atmosphere: 5/5

Wing Deal: All you can eat wings Wednesday
1 pound:  $10.99
Fav Flavour: BBQ Dr Pepper

4 - Failte Irish Pub

These wings are huge, hence the name Jumbo Wings. The meat to bone ratio is 6:1, so if you’re hungry, these are the wings for you. Despite the enormity of the wings, they are delicious. The chicken is juicy and has super crunchy skin that isn’t burnt. Failte Irish Pub also has a great atmosphere with great music, a wide selection of beer and big ass chicken wings. You can’t go wrong with that!

Dry Wing Taste: 3/5
Size of Wings: 5/5
Wing Flavours: 3/5
The Atmosphere: 4/5

Wing Deal: $0.75 cent wings Mon to Wed
1 pound: $10.99
Fav Flavour: Jack Daniel’s BBQ 

5 - The Clarkson Pump & Patio

This isn’t a chicken wing place, but the Clarkson Pump makes good wings. “World Famous Wings and Things” is The Pump’s motto and is emblazoned right on their menu. World famous is a bold statement that I can’t vouch for, but I will say that they are definitely Mississauga famous. The wings are a little small, but are super tasty and cooked perfectly.  You can get them grilled too. My suggestion? Wait the extra few minutes for your wings to be grilled, you won’t be disappointed. They only have the basic flavours of BBQ, Medium, Hot, Suicide, Honey Garlic, Southern Cajun, Dry Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Hot & Honey, but they all taste good.

Dry Wing Taste: 4/5
Size of Wings: 3/5
Wing Flavours: 3/5
The Atmosphere: 3/5

1 pound: $10.99
Wing Deal: 59 cent wings Mon & Tues
Fav Flavour: Southern Cajun 

Who has the best chicken wings in Mississauga?
Here are the results so far: 

Failte Irish Pub  - 18%
Wacky Wings - 14%
Wingporium - 12%
Coopers - 6%
Wild Wings - 5%
The Clarkson Pump - 4%
All Star Wings and Ribs - 4%
Fred’s Bar & Grill - 3% 
Buffalo Wild Wings - 2%
Wings Up - 2%