inTop5 Hot Yoga Studios in Mississauga

Since relocating to Mississauga about a year ago, I decided to go on a mission to try a number of Hot Yoga studios in the area, and over a 6 month time frame and I’ve created my inTop5 List of Hot Yoga Studios in Mississauga, keeping in mind that this will be an ever evolving list since there are so many Yoga studios springing up in Mississauga.

Moksha Yoga Square One

This studio is located in the heart of Mississauga. The studio is beautiful with a cozy lounge where you can hang out before or after your class to unwind. At this time, they had plans to offer light meals and beverages for purchase at the front counter which may in fact be available now.

The studio doesn’t have lockers however provide you with the option of leaving your valuables under the eye of the person manning the front desk in designated cubby holes.

The studio is very clean and well maintained and the practice room is cleaned after every class once everyone has left the room. There are showers available in the change rooms to freshen up after your class. The practice room is very spacious and airy which is a very calming space conducive for a satisfying Yoga practice.

One thing I love about this studio in particular is that for first time yogi’s the teachers are great at providing the extra guidance to those who have just joined the Yoga craze. You also have the option of selecting from a number of various Moksha style classes offered at different lengths and levels and because the series of postures and classes are formulated specifically for Moksha studios and the instructors all go through the same training, you will find it easy to build upon your practices.

Another notable differentiator that Moksha does really well is gathering the entire community through the various free indoor and outdoor events such as Family Day Yoga, or Yoga in the Park, and you can also bring your Dad in for a free Yoga class on Father’s Day. Moksha Square One’s free community events are all posted online and available throughout the year.

Introductory Offer: One month unlimited - $40

Power Yoga Canada Mississauga

In the heart of historic Clarkson Village is Power Yoga Canada Mississauga. The hot and non-hot yoga classes will transform your body and cultivate mindfulness. Yes, we are a yoga studio and so much more! From empowering workshops, stepping into your “40 Days to Personal Revolution”, rocking your world in our Jam classes, making lifelong friends in our book club or just chilling after class, PYC has something for everyone. 

Power Yoga Canada is the home of everything Power Yoga.  They offer other things but the one thing they do the best in Canada, and that is HOT POWER YOGA.  And that is the one thing that they urge you to find out about yourself.  What are you the best in the world at? What are you most passionate about?  Find that - get up, and share it with the world!

Introductory Offer: 30 Days - $40

Port Credit Yoga

When Leewi Yoga (located at Lakeshore and Mississauga Rd) shuttered its doors late last summer, Port Credit yogis were sent to the equally serene and exceptional Kula studio in Oakville. While Kula is a wonderful new home for Leewi clients, people who long to return their practice to Leewi’s old haunt in Port Credit can now roll out their mats in the newly-opened Port Credit Yoga.

Port Credit Yoga had its grand opening on March 1, 2014 and kicked off what will hopefully be a long and fruitful tenure in the area with a weekend of complimentary hot and regular temperature classes. The earth-toned, spacious studio also welcomed attendees with complimentary fresh fruit, which was a nice and healthy touch.

The classes themselves are as varied as one would hope. The studio offers a range of hot and regular temperature flow, core, hatha and vinyasa classes. Beginners and those looking for a more calming experience are also free to try gentler classes, such as gentle flow, renew and relax classes and candlelight restorative sessions.

Introductory Offer: 30 Days - $30

Parivartan Yoga

This studio is great if you would like to quickly go in to complete your practice and leave. The studio has a very small lounge area which acts as a waiting area more so than a lounge for yogi’s waiting for their class to commence.

The studio does not have any lockers, has a single washroom and a single separate change room which has one shower.

The instructors are focused on Vinyasa and Hatha styles of Yoga in an infrared heated practice room. The instructors are free to create their own class sequences so you will find a refreshing variety and change in every class you try.

Introductory Offer: One week unlimited - $30

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Hot Yoga is a 90-minute session of 26 postures performed in the same sequence. The heat is different to that of infrared which is more of a dry heat where Bikram’s heated room is a mixture of forced hot air combined with steam which produces more of a wet heat. So you can expect to sweat a tonne.

You can expect to do the same exact series each and every class offered at Bikram. The only variations you will find are the teachers. As a newbie to yoga, you are encouraged to situate yourself at the back of the class room so that you can watch more seasoned yogi’s in their practice and follow their example.

The instructing style is for the most part strictly verbal; and rarely do the instructors demonstrate poses. The main role of the instructor is to lead not by example but by verbal instruction. If you haven’t been to a Bikram practice before and have tried other styles of yoga, you may find yourself feeling like you are at an auction as it feels like the instructors main goal is talk and fill the air with as many words as they can in 90 minutes.

The studio offers a lounge area, and showers.

Introductory Offer: One month unlimited - $39

Here is an interactive map to the other yoga studios in Mississauga>